Our Story

We’re excited to share with you these amazing hand-poured, soy wax candles, where 100% of the net profits of every candle go directly to charity. As you display this candle in your home or office, we hope it can be a reminder of the good that’s being done and the work that we’re all doing together to build a better world.



100% to Charity

We believe in generosity and in serving those who are helping make this world better every day.  That is why we give 100% of net profits on every candle to the cause of your choice. Our vision is to fill every home in America with wonderful smelling candles while providing millions of dollars in donations to the cause that matter the most.



Premium, Natural Ingredients

We are committed to using only the best natural ingredients in our candles.  From premium soy wax to cotton wicks and the highest quality fragrance and essential oils, our candles are made to burn clean and smell amazing.





We hand-pour our soy wax candles to ensure the highest quality and to preserve the beauty of the craft.  We put a lot of love into our candles and hope you love burning them as much as we love making them.